March 26, 2017

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God’s Love Restores
Joel 2:12-13, 18-19, 28-32

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Any political party can make promises. Much depends on the outcome of the elections and the implementation of the promises made during the campaign.

In 2016, the U.S. Democratic Party platform was introduced as “our most progressive platform in our party’s history and a declaration of how we plan to move America forward. Democrats believe that cooperation is better than conflict, unity is better than division, empowerment is better than resentment, and bridges are better than walls. It’s a simple but powerful idea: We are stronger together.”[1] The U.S. Republican Party declared itself as “the path to making America great and united again.”[2]

What is the vision for God’s nation? Let’s quickly examine about 2,700 years of human history. Almighty God has rescued and restored his people from the time before Christ and even today. After God rescued his own people, they disobeyed by doing evil in God’s sight and served other gods. God sent a foreign nation to oppress them. Then his own people cried out to God for help. God heard their prayers. Then the oppressor was defeated and the people had rest.

A keen reader of the Holy Bible can identify the following cycle—disobedience to disaster, disaster to repentance, repentance to rescue, and again rescue to disobedience. This has been the common cycle of God’s community from century to century. God has rescued God’s people innumerable times. Always, God is faithful and God is good.

God is a merciful and compassionate God. God is also just. God expects us to fast, pray, and confess sin. These are not just visible expressions with the tearing of clothes. Now it’s time to break our hearts; in other words, repent from inside out. When we break our hearts from inside out, God restores with abundance. God gives us double the crops. God will do this not just for the people’s sake, but also in front of the unbelieving nations. God is jealous for God’s land and has pity on God’s community.

The prophet Joel’s words were fulfilled on the day of Pentecost. During the last days of Israel’s history, the Spirit of God has been working mightily in saving both ancient and modern people around the world.

  • When have we sought the Lord with fasting, weeping, and mourning like people of Joel’s day?

—Paulus Thalathoti,

© 2017

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Paulus Thalathoti is an ordained minister and the founding president of Peace Proclamation Ministries, an evangelistic and church planting ministry with those living in the interior rural areas of India. Dr. Thalathoti also serves as chairperson for Penn Bible Fellowship in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. He and his wife, Sumatha, are mission associates with Mennonite Mission Network and members of Plains Mennonite Church, Hatfield, Pennsylvania.

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