October 22, 2017

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God’s Covenant with David
2 Samuel 7:1-6; 8-10,12-16

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“Trends and Popularity”

U.S. society is very apt at determining what is trendy and popular. While social media give persons with less influence more power to determine what’s hot and what’s not, generally speaking we rely on novelists, academics, politicians, and community activists to get a feel for where the winds of change are headed. In our city, the mayor and city council recognized the needs of an at-risk neighborhood. Several initiatives have begun to improve the lives of that community’s citizens.

When we talk about famous figures from the Bible, we need look no further than King David. Why did King David become so trendy, and why is he so popular to talk about today? Israel did have King Saul before him and upright judges and prophets before Saul, such as Joshua and Deborah. The prophet Nathan told David that God was going to make David’s “name great, like the names of the greatest men on earth,” and establish Israel as a peaceful place where they would no long experience oppression from their enemies (2 Samuel 7: 9-10 NIV). King David became famous for his military victories and his work in making Israel a united, strong nation. David’s rise started a trend. We can see this when nations around the world celebrate their heroes.

Yahweh’s election of and covenant with David was drastically different from how we human beings choose what’s popular. David was the youngest son of eight, and he was assigned to attend the sheep (1 Samuel 16:10-11). Rather than relying on a system of primogenitors, critics and leaders today choose what’s popular—what or whose looks are going to be more profitable. When celebrities make a lot of money for a production company, for example, they are viewed as more valuable.

When King David sinned, God held him accountable, through the prophet Nathan (2 Samuel 12:1-19). In today’s world, popular movies turn CEOs into multimillionaires and powerful political donors. When Miramax’s CEO Harvey Weinstein was exposed as having committed grave sins and sexual violence toward women, who was there to hold him accountable? Who will be the prophets today who will console the weak and bring truth to the powerful?

—Rod Thomas, miteewarrior@gmail.com

© 2017

Rod Thomas is a child-centered, fair-minded academic; a Christian who sometimes writes; and an aspiring preacher and layperson at University Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. He is actively involved in his congregation’s homeless and children’s ministries and is a syndicated blogger for MennoNerds.

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