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Make summer a success! Tips for teaching Seek Peace and Pursue It

Ten Ways the Gather 'Round Curriculum Helps Your Kids Hear, Tell, and Live God's story. Download it here.

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[My Bible Storybook] My Bible Storybook now has more interactive pages and a "home connection" note for parents. These books are designed to be sent home at the end of each quarter.

Gather 'Round: Hearing and Sharing God's Good News is a Bible-based Sunday school curriculum for children, youth, and their families.

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Preschool children (ages 3 & 4, with tips for 2s) use My Bible Storybook, with story and activity pages for each session throughout the quarter. Includes helps and instructions for using the book at home with parents once the quarter has ended.

Primary children (Kindergarten, Grades 1 & 2) use Good News Reader, including a Bible story and two activity pages for each quarterly session. Designed to be taken home at the end of the quarter.

Middler children (grades 3, 4, & 5) use Grow, a colorful magazine with stories, articles, worship resources, and activities especially for preteens.

Multiage groups (grades K-5) may use either Good News Reader or Grow, or a combination, depending on the ages of the participants. The Multiage teacher's guide is coordinated with and clearly explains how to use both books. (Begins Fall 2010)

Junior Youth (grades 6-7-8) use Call, a student book featuring worship resources and weekly Bible sessions.

High School Youth leaders use Search, a quarterly guide available for download or on CD. Each quarter's materials include an introduction, 13 6-page Bible sessions, and 8 reproducible student pages. No additional student books are required.

The Talkabout offers a fast, fun, affordable way to reach out to families and connect church and home. Creative resources help parents and children talk about the Bible stories and apply them to their everyday lives. The Talkabout is available on CD or as a download, and includes monthly calendars, weekly pages, and bulletin notes to be e-mailed, printed, or placed in church bulletins or newsletters. Purchase one per congregation.

The Talkabout is provided on CD or as a download. Flexible files allow you to e-mail directly to families or make as many copies as you wish for your congregation.

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