Vacation Bible School 2016

Surprise! Stories of Discovering Jesus

Jesus surprised and blessed the people he met, and with each encounter people discovered more about Jesus. Surprise! Stories of Discovering Jesus allows children to be surprised as they discover Jesus, too! Each of the five stories in this Bible-based Vacation Bible School kit tells about someone surprised by Jesus. Surprise! invites children from Preschool to Grade 5 to come along on the journey, to open their eyes and see what Jesus has in store!

The stories come from the gospels and tell of: Jesus surprising leaders in the temple with his wisdom as a child, Jesus blessing children much to the surprise of the authorities, Jesus feeding a large crowd with only five loaves and two fish, Nicodemus seeking Jesus' wisdom at night, and two travelers on the road surprised by Jesus after his death. With each surprise, children will discover more about Jesus.

Who is this curriculum for?

Surprise! is a Bible and activity-based learning experience. It includes two components.

  1. One component is designed for grades K–5. Children will meet as one large group for the Worship session, where they will see Bible stories come to life during the dramas. Children will be divided into smaller groups and rotate to three Response times: Bible Response, Active Response, and Creative Response. The Response segments allow children to more deeply reflect on the Bible stories.
  2. A second component is designed for Early Childhood, ages 4–5. The younger children may participate with the older children during the Worship session, or have their own worship experience in their VBS room. The Early Childhood Leader Guide includes crafts, games, and other activities that will help children learn the Bible stories.

Buy the boxed set and save!

[VBS Box]

Surprise! may be ordered in an all-in-one boxed set including everything needed for planning and preparation.

The boxed set includes:

Two copies of: Director Guide, Worship and Drama Guide, Active Response Guide, Bible Response Guide, Creative Response Guide, Early Childhood Leader Guide, Invitation Poster.
One copy of: Song CD, Memory Verse DVD, Songbook, Invitation postcard, Bible Memory Poster, Student participation certificate, Early childhood student book, Grade K-5 student book.

All of the items in the boxed set are also available to order separately.

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