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Great for Christian education classes, small groups and book clubs!

Special offer: Order 5 or more copies of these titles for your group and save 25%!

Many books from MennoMedia can be used for more than individual inspiration—they're great for Christian education classes, small groups and book clubs, too! Below find a list of suggested books from the MennoMedia Study Shelf. Order five or more copies of the same title and save 25% off each book. Just email us with your order, or call us at 1-800-245-7894. Please mention the Study Shelf Discount when calling.

Don't see the book you'd like to use in your class or group below? Let us know which book you want—the same discount will apply! Click here for a list of books with free study guides.

(Note: This discount does not apply to curriculum or hymnals/songbooks.)

Trouble I've Seen Christian. Muslim. Friend. Reconcile Changing Lenses Naked Anabaptist
Trouble I've Seen
Changing the Way the Church Views Racism
Christian. Muslim. Friend.
Twelve Paths to Real Relationship
Conflict Transformation for Ordinary Christians
Changing Lenses
Restorative Justice for Our Times
Naked Anabaptist
The Bare Essentials of a Radical Faith
Peace, Progress, Professor Rewilding the Way Deuteronomy Fully Engaged Spacious Heart
Peace, Progress, Professor
The Mennonite History of C. Henry Smith
Rewilding the Way
Break Free to Follow an Untamed God
Believers Church Bible Commentary, vol. 29
Fully Engaged
Missional Church in an Anabaptist Voice
Spacious Heart
Room for Spiritual Awakening
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