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From time to time, questions from Rejoice! readers reach my in-box. Assuming that each one represents many other readers wondering the same thing, I thought an occasional Q and A might help. Here I address two of the most common questions:

How are the Scripture texts chosen for Rejoice!?
Each week we draw from two plans that are widely used in Mennonite churches. For Monday to Thursday, our writers choose four of the seven texts from the daily Bible-reading schedule of the Committee for the Uniform Series, an interdenominational group that creates curriculum outlines for publishers of Christian education materials. This schedule appears in the Adult Bible Study booklets published by Mennonite Publishing Network.

The Friday to Sunday texts are drawn from the Revised Common Lectionary, a three-year cycle of readings based on the Christian calendar, which many churches use as the basis for some or all of their Sunday worship services.

If you use Adult Bible Study, you may recognize links between Rejoice! and your Sunday school class. If your congregation uses the Lectionary, you may hear the same Scripture passages on Sunday morning that you have pondered at the end of the week.

Why isnít there more Bible study in Rejoice!?
Although Bible study is important in our lives, and our writer guidelines call for strong biblical foundations in each devotional, the purpose of devotional reading has as much (or more) to do with prayer as with analysis of the text. In a devotional time, we open space for a simple biblical insight to make connections with our practical lives of discipleship and our personal walk with God. We let our own meditation and the Rejoice! reflection work together as we listen to God. Also, the short format does not allow for a full study of everything that is going on in the text. For that, other good resources are available.

If you would like to ask other questions or interact with the thoughts above, please contact me at:

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Jonathan Janzen, editor

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