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Estudios Biblicos Para Adultos

  • Primavera 2020: La Justicia y los Profetas. Orden aquí
  • Lección de muestra
    Lea una sesión de ejemplo de guías de estudiantes y maestros de Estudio Bíblico para Adultos.

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[SL Cover]Salt & Light. Click here for more information.


Adult Bible Study Overview—Look ahead to the scriptures, themes, and session titles:

Salt & Light Overview—Look ahead to the scriptures, themes, and session titles:


Read a sample session from Adult Bible Study Teacher.

More about ABS

Read Why Adult Bible Study Sometimes Uses BCE and CE.

Coming Fall 2020: Salt & Light:
The new adult Bible study for Anabaptist Christians. Click here to learn more.

Adult Bible Study

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Adult Bible Study provides a quarterly study of the Bible from an Anabaptist perspective. Lessons are based on the International Bible Lessons for Christian Teaching by the Committee on the Uniform Series. Scripture texts are from the Holy Bible: New International Version. In addition to weekly lessons, Adult Bible Study offers daily Bible readings, a weekly online essay, and suggested resources for additional study.

In addition to the regular study edition, we also offer Adult Bible Study Large Print, which includes all of the student content in an enlarged format, and Adult Bible Study Teacher, which includes all material found in the student edition, plus leader's notes for insight, discussion, and class activities. For a full listing of products click here.

To order, call us at 1-800-245-7894, or e-mail us with your order and we'll be in touch with you.

Join us for LIVE Bible Study

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The Wednesday Word series has ended, but previous sessions are available on Facebook and YouTube.

Free Teaching Supplements: 
ABS Online and Reproducibles

Adult Bible Study Online is a column providing an update to the printed materials, prepared and posted here just prior to the date of the lesson. These free columns are designed to help you bring current events and Bible study together. Reproducible teaching aids are available below when indicated in the teacher's guide.

Upcoming ABS Online Columns

See below for the full listing from this quarter.

ABS Reproducibles

Previous quarter

Click here to download the ABS Online and Reproducible resources from the previous quarter.

Summer 2020 Quarter

June 2020– August 2020

Coming soon

Salt & Light is a new quarterly Bible study that starts in Fall 2020 to help you encounter God more deeply through Christ-centered Sunday school lessons. Each weekly session includes a spiritual practice alongside thought-provoking commentary and discussion prompts. Daily Bible readings, free online essays, reproducible teaching aids, and suggested resources for additional study help participants make connections throughout the week. Sal y Luz is the Spanish-language version.

Drawing on Scriptures from the Holy Bible: New Revised Standard Version, Salt & Light is available in the following formats:

  • Salt & Light Leader’s Guide
  • Salt & Light Participant Guide
  • Salt & Light Participant Guide, Large Print
  • Salt & Light Online: Free weekly resource designed to provide “just in time” connections with current events in the church and the world
  • Salt & Light downloadable reproducibles
  • en Español: Sal y Luz Guía para líderes
  • en Español: Sal y Luz Guía de participantes

Read more about Salt & Light here.

Click here to download a sample session of Salt & Light.

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