Second Mile: A Peace Journey for Congregations

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What does it mean to go the second mile?

These downloadable sessions approach peace issues from a Christian perspective, and encourage participants to become more active followers of Jesus in their homes, communities, and in the world. Each session includes a separate leader's guide.

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Download either individual sessions, or all sessions for a topic all at once. Eight different topics are available:

Being the Church

  1. The Community of Faith
  2. Girded with Love
  3. With All Your Heart and Soul and Mind
  4. The Accessible and Inclusive Church
  5. A Church for the Young and the Old

Being the Church, all sessions

Creation Care

  1. Let All Creation Praise
  2. The Master Artist
  3. Serve the Earth
  4. The Mission
  5. Whose Garden
  6. Plant the Seeds

Creation Care, all sessions

Communities of Refuge

  1. Jesus Was a Refugee
  2. Our God Loves the Stranger
  3. Entertaining Angels
  4. Blessed Are You Among Women
  5. A Migrant God for Migrant Workers

Communities of Reguge, all sessions

Lives of Service

  1. Who is Serving Whom?
  2. Stories of Service
  3. Everything for God
  4. A Congregational Journey

Lives of Service, all sessions

Peace Begins at Home

  1. Peace in the Family
  2. Peace for Children
  3. Peace for Partners
  4. Peace for Vulnerable Ones
  5. Churches Supporting Families

Peace Begins at Home, all sessions

The Shadow of War

  1. Imagining Peace
  2. Whose Peace
  3. Making a Choice
  4. Understanding Violence & Nurturing Peace
  5. Of Soldiers and Peace
  6. Paying for War
  7. The Work of Our Hands

The Shadow of War, all sessions

A Spirituality of Peace

  1. Practicing Peace
  2. Fullness of Life
  3. Heading for the Promised Land
  4. The Road to Emmaus
  5. Prayer
  6. Walking Through the Valley

A Spirituality of Peace, all sessions

Transforming Conflict

  1. What is Conflict?
  2. Ears to Hear
  3. Speaking the Truth
  4. An Eye for Conflict
  5. Holding Each Other in Love
  6. Building Bridges

Transforming Conflict, all sessions

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