Close to Home Pastoral Care Pamphlets

Some subjects are so close to home we don’t like to talk about them.

Close to Home pamphlets are available to download, for free, in multiple formats. See below.

It’s time to reach out.

[Close to Home: Elder Abuse]

You are a congregational caregiver. You are gifted and called to help free the captive, heal those who are broken, bring light in the darkness. But many people are reluctant to speak publicly about their challenges. How can you help them find information that helps?

You are a concerned family member or friend. Someone you care about suffers because of an addiction, abusive behavior, or a mental health condition. How can you help them find help?

You are a counselor. People come to your office every week. Some may wonder how Christian faith goes together with professional care. What literature can you offer that helps them find Christian perspectives on the issues they are facing?

One way you can help is through Close to Home care pamphlets.

The Close to Home pamphlets bring together therapy, Christian faith and congregational support for those struggling with issues such as pornography, depression, eating disorders, or drug or alcohol addiction. Through the Close to Home series you can open doors toward conversation, awareness, and healing.

Each study has five parts:

  • A true story of someone who has found help in the context of Christian faith, the church, and professional care
  • An introduction to the issue. An exploration of how the Bible and the Christian story bring hope to those who suffer, and to those who are close to them.
  • Practical steps toward wholeness, including how to find professional help
  • A list of resources for further information and help.

What makes Close to Home unique?

Clinics and counseling offices usually offer literature on the medical and therapeutic aspects of mental health, addiction, or abuse issues. Close to Home pamphlets go a step further by placing the issues in the light of the Bible, Christian faith, and congregational care.

How can you use the Close to Home pamphlets?

Offer them during pastoral care visits. The pamphlets can get conversation started. Give them to loved ones of those who suffer. Families are always affected when people suffer from mental health issues, addictions, or abuse. The pamphlets offer handles on how to understand and help.

Display them in the church foyer, counseling room, or restrooms. Some people keep their struggles well hidden. They may not seek help at first, but they might discreetly pick up a pamphlet.

Use them for adult education. Free study guides are available on this page. Consider Close to Home pamphlets as a dynamic option for adult Sunday school or small groups.


Create your own booklets. Print this file on your office printer. It is paginated to print front and back on letter-size (8.5 x 11) paper. Trim, fold, and staple to create your own 3.875” x 8.5” booklets.

For press

Send to commercial printer. Specifications for printer: 12-page booklet. CMYK color. Saddle stitch. 3.875” x 8.5” trim size.


Create your own handouts. Print on an office printer and staple on a corner or along an edge. This is not in booklet form. This PDF can also be shared with others to view on electronic devices.

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